Sunday, March 20, 2016

Read Books One and Two of The Blanket Trilogy before the upcoming release of Book Three!

© 2001 

A mesmerizing page-turner that will leave you breathless. A journey like no other.

"The Body of Christ," Daniel whispered. "What if it was simply ... left behind?" Daniel Foster is a man driven by his own unearthly obsessions. Part of an investigative theological team from the darkened hallways of a prominent New Orleans university, Daniel is about to uncover a centuries long secret that could not only threaten his own perception of reality, but the reality of the modern world as we know it. The Petrified Christ is a novel of discovery, with innocence lost though a horrifying journey into the most extreme elements of the human experience -- fear, madness, and a direct confrontation with evil itself.

© 2006

Blake Worthington longs for the wisdom found only in the dark-within the shadows of a city after hours. A charismatic young writer who once guided many of his contemporaries into a world of intellectual discovery, Blake desires nothing more now than to be reunited with his former lover, Judith Blair.

And so he travels to the mystical city of New Orleans: where the paranormal population rivals the living, where legendary excess merges with historical elegance, and where supernatural folklore is about to become terrifying fact. During his journey, Blake finds himself entangled in a vengeful curse set forth on the city of New Orleans over a half-century ago by the tyrannical Reverend Wakefield, and it is believed that the curse will end with the approach of the new millennium-but not before claiming more of the city's "evildoers."

As Blake gains local popularity by reorganizing his Order of the Blanket -- a group devoted to the love of all things in the night -- the race is on to reclaim Judith before Wakefield's curse overtakes them all.

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