Friday, February 28, 2014

I Saw the Sign

I've always had a symbol that's brought me great peace simply by looking at it, and I'm not sure if this is a positive byproduct of my Catholic upbringing or what.  That symbol is the circle with the cross in the center, extending out evenly in four quarters to touch the circumference, very much resembling the Holy Eucharist of Communion during the Catholic mass.

I've always written it at the top of pages, in the margins of journal entries, just to set my mind at ease.  The significance has always been that it represents my life, a large circle with everything inside, and a cross in the center holding it all together.  Everywhere I see this symbol, and by that I mean not scribbled of my own doing, I stop to regard it and wonder if possibly it's a sign that that's where I needed to be at that moment.

I had this experience almost a year ago when I re-entered the workforce, going in for an interview at an office where in the conference room, there was an entire window of this design.  After getting the job, I snuck in there when no one was looking and snapped a picture.  I've been on the lookout ever since.

My job is in Homewood, Alabama, and I don't know if maybe there was some city-appointed architect assigned to keep certain themes going in some of the structures, but I came across the symbol again in one of the most appropriate and eerily telling places that Ted Torres could ever find it.

In a library, the Homewood Public Library, a building that I found this week, eight months after I should have.  It is as beautiful and inspiring as the Hoover Public Library, very similar in its design, and in the main study area -- where tables are spread out under the glow of individual lamps -- there is a high window that is a circle with a cross in the center.  That is all.