Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Third Draft

The third time is the charm!  Here is the draft on which I'll build, the one that will be placed gently into the hands of beta readers and potential agents.  The Internet was down when I completed it, which is probably a good thing.  It reminds me of stories of mass conceptions during power outages.  It has been nine months between drafts! 

Anyway, this one clocked in at 422 pages, which means I was able to chop 44 pages from the previous draft, a statistic that only now in finishing I realized.  I would never have expected that.  There was numerology involved in today's completion, today being August the 3rd, 2011 (8+3=11), and as if to punctuate my belief that my work tends to be in sync with the universe, by no effort of my own, the novel was completed at 11:11 a.m.  My "Silver Screen" channel was on in my office, and while the final pages of the manuscript slipped out of the printer, triumphant soundtrack music accentuated the event!  But in all seriousness, today is the culmination of quite a bit of personal growth, and it is a testament to how far I've indeed come.  I love you, Jessica.

As is one of the main purposes of this website, there will be more posts to follow regarding plans for the future of this piece.  We will track my pursuit of agency representation, and ultimately, of legitimate publication.  Let's do this together, shall we?